The Immortals of Australian Cricket

By: Liam Hauser


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Cricket enthusiasts endlessly debate the question of who are the best Australian players across different eras. In this book, experienced journalist and sports writer Liam Hauser selects his Immortal team from players who didn’t just dominate, they changed the game with their sheer will.

How do you select a team from the Australian Immortals of Cricket? In a sport saturated with statistics and analysis and changes to rules, equipment and playing conditions, and with more than 100 years of traditions and personalities to consider, just how do you make your selection? Who makes the cut and who misses out?

It is sure to lead to lively discussions and debate, and certainly controversy. But whether you agree or disagree, cricket followers around the world will find this volume provides a new perspective for the debate and an invaluable insight into the cricketing careers of some of Australia’s all-time IMMORTALS.

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ISBN: 9781925682786

Published: Nov/18 (AU/NZ)

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 260 mm  x  180 mm

Extent: 200 pages

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About The Author

Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser


Liam Hauser is a newspaper journalist for the Tumut and Adelong Times in NSW and writes rugby league articles for the Gundagai Independent in winter. He loves State of Origin, he has been strongly influenced by sport, reading and writing for many years, particularly influenced by rugby league and cricket books and has lived nearly all his life in south-east Queensland, but now rural NSW. He has put his allegiances aside to write this book, having researched it for over 10 years, painstakingly watching video replay of every game and exploring closely the fine line between winning and losing in State of Origin, regardless of what the scoreboard says.

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