The Language of Houseplants

Plants for home and healing

By: Cheralyn Darcey


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Find the perfect indoor plant to share your life with.

Every plant has a meaning, energy and qualities that will enhance your life and the spaces you live and work in. This stunning guidebook features 44 of the most popular houseplants, each beautifully depicted with a vintage artwork and additional indoor gardening care guide and some helpful tips to keep your plants happy and healthy. Resource lists of plants for each month, and their meanings, a gift guide, as well as information on ways for you to discover the language of any plant, will assist you as you grow a thriving bond with your new botanical friends.

- A unique reference guide to understanding the power and language of houseplants.
- Individualized instruction on each plant to keep them thriving.
- How to garden indoors?
- Learn to select plants to enhance the energy of indoor spaces.
- Fully illustrated with vintage botanical images.

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ISBN: 9781925924398

Published: Jun/20 (AU/NZ), Jun/20 (US), May/20 (UK)

Format: Paperback

Extent: 192 pages

About The Author

Cheralyn Darcey

Cheralyn Darcey

Botanical Explorer & Natural History Artist and Author

Cheralyn Darcey is a botanical alchemist, organic gardener, independent natural history scholar, artist, educator and the author of several books and oracle decks of nature magick, folklore, witchcraft and ethnobotanical traditions. Inspired by her pagan family upbringing and her passion for nature and magick, her work focuses on the spiritual, cultural, therapeutic and physical connections between humans and plants.

Her publications include three flower reading oracle decks which bring the Language of Flowers through the Doctrine of Signatures alive: ‘The Australian Wildflower Reading Cards’, ‘Flower Reading Cards’, ‘Flowers of the Night Oracle’. A flower affirmation deck for daily guidance: ‘Flower Petals’. Two Australian Wildflower mandala style colouring books: Florasphere Calm and ‘Florasphere Inspire’. Her book ‘Flowerpaedia, 1,000 flowers and their meanings’ presents a language translator for the Language of Flowers complete with correspondence lists to find flowers to match sentiments, ritual use and occasions.

A popular presenter at Mind Body Spirit festivals, libraries, museums and events, Cheralyn weaves the ancient magick and folklore of our gardens and our passion for the wilds of nature into workshops and talks to inspire renewed care for our land while finding personal guidance, inspiration and support in plants.

Her artwork has been featured in galleries and art prizes across Australia and the USA including The Australian Museum and Manly Art Gallery. Cheralyn was an Environmental Artist in Residence during the International Conference of Eco Ideas 2011 and has a long association with many Environmental organisations creating eco artworks, educational workshops and presentations as well as working as an administration volunteer.

Cheralyn has a regular segment on ABC Radio Australia ‘Flower of the Fortnight’ exploring the botanical history, gardening, myths and therapeutic facets of flowers. She has been a guest on Australian national tv and radio including Studio Ten, 2UE, Her organic vegetable, magickal herb and flowers gardens have been featured in Good Organic Gardening Magazine and she has been featured in many publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, many regional newspapers, Yours Magazine, ABC Gardening Australia, Air Asia Inflight, Country Style, Harpers Bazaar, Elle.

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