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The Post-Baby Conversation:
What new parents need to say to each other

Author: Alison Osborne

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The Post Baby Conversation is a first: a relationship book for new parents. It is not a book about babies and it's not about how to be a parent. It's about how to be a happy couple after the arrival of children. 

  • Has your relationship changed since you had a baby? 
  • Do you ever get to talk or spend time as a couple? 
  • Do you feel understood? 
  • Do you feel angry, frustrated or resentful? 
  • Do you have less sex?

Listen to a podcast from the author of this book at http://www.lrc.asn.au/podcast/podcast.html

When a modern couple become parents, both men and women develop expectations of what their partner should do and provide, often based on outdated traditional stereotypes; and many couples co-exist unhappily for years.
Find out how other couples feel post-baby. Learn how to create equality, understanding and fulfillment in your post-baby relationship. 'What we can do' sections will help you design something new that suits you both and provides a happy, nurturing environment for your family.

Alison Osborne

Alison Osborne

Alison Osborne is a mother of two children and has a First Class Honours degree in Rural Science from the University of New England and has completed environmental law and psychology units and commenced a PhD at the Institute for Sustainable Futures. She travelled overseas on a Nuffield Scholarship in 1997, studying environmental issues relating to agriculture. She has extensive experience in facilitation and mediation and has additional training in life coaching.   Her previous work has involved managing the succession planning division for Rabobank, facilitating the Kimberley section of the Australian Rural Leadership program, and working with the Rural Womens Network to develop personal development workshops for women.

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