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The Wellness Puzzle:
Creating optimal well-being one piece at a time

Author: Andrew Jobling

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With the high demands of life and the rush of fast-paced living, our bodies and minds are filled with deadlines, stress, anxiety and nervous energy.

You can make order out of the chaos of your life.

The Wellness Puzzle outlines seven core pieces of life’s puzzle to promote real change and create a longer, happier, healthier version of life, along with sharing powerful messages of motivation.

Through the right thinking, positive emotions, deliberate actions and healthy habits, optimal well-being is more than just a hope ΜΆ  it is an exciting reality for anyone who is willing to make it happen.

Andrew Jobling

Andrew Jobling
Author, Public Speaker


Andrew Jobling is an athlete, an author, and a true believer that anything is possible no matter how improbable or unbelievable it may seem. He played senior-level professional football with the St Kilda Football Club for seven years and has worked passionately in a fifteen-year career as a personal trainer and café owner. His first two best-selling books, Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and Be Lean & Healthy and Simply Strength, sold over 100,000 copies.

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Recent news about The Wellness Puzzle

  • Andrew Jobling Interview with Barry Eaton

    Andrew Jobling Interview with Barry Eaton


    CREATING OPTIMAL WELL-BEING Author and professional speaker Andrew Jobling sits down with RadioOutThere Host, Barry Eaton as they discuss his latest book 'The Wellness Puzzle' and shares his experience in creating optimal wellbeing, one puzzle-piece at a time. Click the link to listen or download the full podcast: radiooutthere.com/blog The Wellness Puzzle is available at all good bookstores now, including Dymocks, Kinokuniya and Booktopia.

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