Tricia Brennan

Intuitive counselor, Author and Spiritual teacher

Tricia Brennan is an internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor, author and spiritual teacher. Building on two decades work as an art director in film and advertising, Tricia has authored five books on metaphysics and an accompanying series of best-selling CDs.

As a gifted visionary, she has guided thousands of people on journeys of self-discovery to acknowledge their true potential. Her wisdom and insight enable her to pinpoint a persons core issues and lifes lessons with great ease and accuracy. Her heightened perceptive abilities allow her to retrieve valuable information from the subconscious of an individual and decipher messages from the Higher Realms.

A powerful and charismatic communicator, Tricia is a regular media commentator and has hosted her own talkback show called Talking Truth on Sydneys Radio 2GB as well as writing a weekly magazine column called Soul Revival. She currently leads a series of seminars based on exploring The Map of the Soul - Discovering your True Purpose.

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