True Love Reading Cards

By: BelindaGrace


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At last a new set of Reading Cards that will help you with your love life! Discover your true pathway to love! Do you have questions about romance, relationships and love? Would you like to meet that special someone or bring the joy back into your current relationship?

These cards have been created to guide you in matters of the heart. Nothing is more important than loving and being loved and it doesnt need to be complicated or confusing. Simply draw a daily message from the 36 Cards; if you are single shuffle the cards and think about the type of relationship you want or if you are in a relationship select cards to seek improvements in your relationship.

True Love Reading Cards will guide you to new levels of understanding, confidence and trust - they will shine a light so you can attract and create the love you desire.

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ISBN: 9781925017410

Published: May/15 (AU/NZ), Jan/16 (US), May/15 (UK)

Format: Slipcase

Dimensions: 130 mm  x  187 mm

Extent: 36 pages

Rights Sold: Czech Republic

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About The Author



BelindaGrace is one of Australia's most popular Clairvoyant Healers, authors and presenters. She presents seminars, workshops, and courses in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Her first book 'You Are Clairvoyant' is a best-seller and has been published in the USA and Italy. Her down to earth approach and ability to explain complex concepts in a fun and easy to understand manner has endeared her to readers worldwide. BelindaGrace has been conducting Clairvoyant readings and mentoring programs with clients all around the world for eighteen years.

BelindaGrace grew up in Sydney, Australia and also lived in London for three years during the 1980’s. A diverse and successful career in the fashion industry led to BelindaGrace suffering from a variety of stress-related health problems which motivated her to look for alternatives health solutions. BelindaGrace left the fashion industry and undertook a four-year diploma in Homeopathy only to find that the Universe had something else in store for her. A weekly meditation group became the doorway to a world and a life that she had not dared imagine for herself and eventually, her fulfilling journey as a Clairvoyant Healer, author and facilitator. Her fascinating story of inspiration and commitment brings hope and joy to all who read it.

BelindaGrace continues to follow her highest path and now lives in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia with the man she loves and a burgeoning veggie garden.

You can find out more about BelindaGrace by going to her website following her Blog and on Facebook -


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