Wheels of Steele

The makings of a world champion

By: Steele Bishop


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No sport excited Steele Bishop as much as cycling. At 13, something urged him to go for greatness. He abandoned all other sports and was determined to be a great cyclist. After two decades, he became champion of the world, not before retiring early and being lured back by money, and not selling out in the last moments before the final race. He shares lessons of determination and perseverance needed to succeed in all areas of life.

An inspirational story!

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ISBN: 9781925429862

Published: Mar/19 (AU/NZ)

Format: B format Paperback

Dimensions: 234 mm  x  135 mm

Extent: 240 pages

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About The Author

Steele Bishop

Steele Bishop

Author, Champion Cyclist

Steele Bishop was born in 1953 in the hill district of Kalamunda, 35 minutes east of Perth, Western Australia. As the youngest of four children, his brother introduced him to the perils and fun of riding a bicycle.

Despite loving and playing all sports, he couldn’t shake the passion of riding a bike, and after winning his first State championship at 15 years old, he abandoned all other sports to concentrate on becoming “the best cyclist in the world”.
He moved states and countries to gain experience mixing with the elite cyclists in the world. At 19 Steele was the youngest cyclist to be selected for the 1972 Munich Olympics and in 1973, he rode the World Championships in Spain.

Despite his desire to be the best cyclist in the world, Bishop stepped away from cycling for a few years only to return to win the worlds in 1983 as a 30-year-old. At 66, he’s back on the bike and enjoying his racing.

To date Steele has enjoyed a series of achievements in his career including:

  • First West Australian to win a World Championship
  • First cyclist to win the WA Sports Start of the Year Title
  • First Australian to break six minutes in the 5000m Pursuit
  • Youngest cyclist to be selected for the Munich Olympics
  • Holder of 13 Australian Professional Cycling Titles
  • A Record Six Wins of The Westral Wheel Race

This year Steele will be competing in the following:

  • Cycling Australia National Masters Track Championships
    7 - 10 April 2019 / Brisbane, AUS
  • Masters Track Cycling World Championships
    5 - 10 October 2019 / Manchester, UK

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I’m a sucker for an autobiography, particularly one written by someone with interesting stories who can tell them well. Wheels of Steele is one of those autobiographies. Written by world championship winning cyclist, businessman, and raconteur Steele Bishop hence the wonderful pun title), Wheels of Steele is less a book and more of a sit down with a bloke in a pub listening to a bunch of stories while you buy him beers to keep him telling them.